MÜV CBD for Dermatological Recovery

The Science of Natural Relief for Your Skin

The key to a more effective CBD product is increased bioavailability – making more CBD available for the body to use. MÜV's patented encapsulation technology, EnCaps,™ does just that – it makes CBD more water-soluble, enabling powerful transdermal effects and greatly enhancing bioavailability.

Patented Encapsulation vs Traditional CDB Explanation Graphic

Spectrum Dermatology of Seattle offers the following MÜV CBD products.

MÜV Soothing CBD Topical Cream

  • Powerful  blend of skin-positive elements
  • Localized, non-systemic effects
  • Engages CB1 & CB2 receptors in the skin
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties

Natural, Localized Relief

MÜV CBD Soothing Cream is a carefully selected, synergistic blend of skin-positive ingredients. It builds on the ability of CBD to engage the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, part of the body’s natural endocannabinoid system which promotes overall homeostasis. This contributes to soothing and calming of the skin in various ways.

Your Skin Will Love You

CBD's natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities contribute to skin health and maintenance. We've built on this with a carefully crafted a blend of natural ingredients that work beautifully together to deliver a uniquely soothing experience.

MÜV Transdermal CBD Gel

  • Patented transdermal technology
  • Full-body effects through the skin
  • Maximum bioavailability
  • Faster-acting macrodose

Game-Changing CBD Delivery Options

Typically CBD topicals can only deliver localized effects, interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in human skin. Those seeking full-body effects of CBD are left choosing between ingestible options or inhalation delivery methods.

The water-solubility and nano-emulsive effects of MÜV encapsulation unlocks the option for transdermal topical effects – allowing CBD to enter the bloodstream through the skin, for simple, fast-acting and discreet CBD delivery.

Powerful Transdermal CBD Gel

MÜV CBD Transdermal Gel is a unique and powerful product, delivering highly effective CBD through the skin and directly into the bloodstream.

Our patented EnCaps™ technology enables this inhalation-free, ingestion-free option for getting full-body effects from natural CBD. The result is fast-acting CBD in an easy topical form. Soothe sore joints and muscle pain, and enable full-body effects with this discreet gel.

MÜV CBD Tincture

  • Patented EnCaps technology
  • Mixes with food and beverages
  • GI-tract absorption for long effects
  • Fast-acting macrodose

Dissolves Into Your Favorite Beverage

Adding MÜV CBD to your favorite beverage is an easy, effective way to get natural CBD into your system for gradual processing, delivering effects that last. We’ve eliminated the hempy taste typical of tinctures and encapsulated our CBD, so it will blend easily into whatever it’s mixed with. When taken unmixed, such as when used for faster-acting sublingual applications, the base flavor of the tincture carries pleasant hints of lemon and peppermint.

Maximum Absorption And Onset Speed

MÜV CBD Tincture is a versatile, easy-to-dose way to take natural CBD, encapsulated for maximum absorption. Our patented EnCaps process enables MÜV CBD Tincture to deliver highly bioavailable CBD with a much faster onset time than traditional ingestible CBD.

Portrait of Paula D. Zook, MD

Please contact us if you have any questions about how natural CBD can complement other aspects of your skin treatment and skin care regimen.

Dr. Paula Zook

THC-free All MÜV CBD products are tested and certified at less than 0.3% THC by weight.

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